About me

Hello there!

Welcome to the site of the Anonymous Associates!

Who am I?

I am a freelancer looking for new and interesting commissions to take on.
I am located in Hungary but I’m open to working on international projects across the globe.
Due to COVID, I can only take on-location
commissions inside Hungary’s borders.


What do I offer?

I offer the following:
-Fluent english speaking and writing
-Professional Equipment (if needed)
-Quality work with flexible deadlines


My services

I offer my services in two main categories: Media and IT.


-On-location photography


-Film cutting


-Web Design (Only front-end)

-Web Development (Full-stack)

-Server Development (Linux based; both physical and virtual)

-Server Administration (Role and policy management)

-Cloud Development (AWS services)



I either work for a sum or by the hour which is up to discussion.

My hourly wage is: 5000Ft /hour = 15 €/ hour


Contact me

You can contact me with any job related questions or with a job offer via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

My e-mail address: peterbalogwebdev@gmail.com

If you are interested about my references as a photographer check out my Instagram page or the Photography section of my website.